Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Renewable energy to be made available in South Africa

Imogen Vollenhoven
 31 October 2012
Wind energy development company Windlab is very encouraged by government’s commitment to get renewable energy going in South Africa.

Energy Minister Dipuo Peters announced that her department was almost ready to finalise a renewable energy programme which will open up the market to independent power producers.

Windlab’s Peter Venn says around 47-billion-Rands will be invested in the country through the programme.
They have already had positive responses from international investors.
Wind power is the cheapest form of power to put into the grid and it is also the start of privatization of the electricity industry in South Africa by brining independent power producers onto the grid.

This will however change the way electricity is produced in the country, one from the mix of the actual source of power for example rewneable either wind or solar and then moving away from Eskom as the main source of producing energy in the country. 



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