Monday, November 26, 2012

Drug enforcement agencies moves drug trafficking to national roads

Imogen Vollenhoven
26November 2012

 The success of anti drug enforcement agencies at Cape Town International has moved the drug trafficking trade to national roads.

There has been an escalation in the transportation in and distribution of drugs, by taxis, busses and trucks according to police.

Investigators at the police command centre said that tik, mandrax and marijuana were still among the most popular drugs in Cape Town.

Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said that the war on drugs received a major boost when  law enforcement agencies launched the Drug Watch initiative today.
The campaign aims to highlight efforts by law enforcement agencies to clamp down on the drug smuggling trade and to give people a way to report drug peddling in their communities.

The initiative was launched along the N7 highway to highlight what police and metro police are doing to clampdown on the drug smuggling trade.

Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said one of our major problems is the drug routes into and out of the province.

And that they trying to show the public that some of the vehicles driving up and down are up to no good.

After the official launch, Traut joined police officers at a nearby roadblock.

This is just one way in which police are trying to keep drugs off the streets.



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