Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The only survivor of the horror matric car crash talks

Imogen Vollenhoven
28 November 2012

The only  survivor of the horror matric car crash said his friends would still be alive if he had been behind the wheel.

 Nazan Klaasens was sleeping in the back of his mother’s Toyota Corolla when the car was crushed by a Golden Arrow bus in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Nazan reveals he had asked his friend, Keenan Smith, 18, to drive him and their two friends Leigh Anne Swail, 18, and Kelly-Jade Ford, 18, home from Clifton beach because he was sleepy.

He said he was previously involved in a car crash when he was feeling tired, so he decided it was best that Keenan drive them home

 Nazan said he only remembers dozing off in the backseat and then waking up in hospital and receiving the news that his friends were dead.

He adds that he is still in shock and that it could have been different because I would have been the one driving. I miss my friends.

 He also added that to all the families involved, he wants to apologise for what happened.

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology student had to receive stitches to his head. His face is swollen and a patch covers his right eye.

 Golden Arrow officials are also carrying out an investigation into the tragedy.



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