Monday, April 14, 2014

MEC fritz reacts to Cosatu's statement

Oscar Thomas
14 April 2014

The Western Cape MEC of Social Development Albert Fritz said he takes strong exception to a statement released by Cosatu critising the provincial government for not attending the youth summit which was held on Friday.

MEC Fritz said he received an invitation to attend the summit without a platform on which to engage the audience about what the province is doing in terms of youth development.
Fritz said one important pillar is the pillar of family and getting the family right and getting family programmes through the social development rolled out so that we can reincoporate and reintergrate young people back with their families but build a family and a build a misunderstanding that many a times exist in the family.

“The Second fundimental piller of the youth strategy is to look at how do we create opportunities for young people, create a forum or space for young people to access oppertunities” Fritz added.



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