Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Zou Kota attend a sod turning in Nyanga

Oscar Thomas
15 April 2014

The Deputy Minister Of Human Settlements Zou Kota today was at the sod turning in Nyanga East Cape Town.Kota said they will build a house for a women who is morbidly obese and lives in a shack.
The ANC coucillor in the area also attended the sod turning ceremony and agreed that the woman has been struggling to get out of her house for years.

Kota said she is one of those people who forms part of the vulnerable groups that we speak about in government.

“Who are not able to build houses for themselves.It is a worse case scenario because she lives under extremely bad conditions which Human Settlements said was important ,to take her out of her current shack and take her to hospital for further treatment.
The key is that we building her a house that will make life easier for her and disability,” Kota added.



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