Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Minister Gigaba says immigrants contribute immensely to the country

Jaimie-faith Poonah
30 June 2015

Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba said the engagements the department has had over the past few months on international migration policy have been fruitful.

Minister Gigaba was speaking at the start of the Immigration Policy Colloquium in Pretoria today.

While addressing stakeholders Minister Gigaba said immigrants can contribute even more to the country under an improved and better managed policy framework.

Minister Gigaba said often public in our country focuses on the negative impact of international immigration in our society.

Minister Gigaba added that in the form of a brain drain the pressure of immigrants on social services or in poor areas, the impact of economic immigrants on the job situation the country and even the impact of cross boarder crimes as well as those who commit those crimes, often neglect the positive social and economic impact that both our expatriates as well as immigrants make in our society.

Meanwhile Minister Gigaba said the new policy will advocate the whole of government and society approach to managing international migration.

He added that international migration should not be managed by the Department of Home Affairs alone.

Minister Gigaba said after the colloquium we will digest the contributions you will have made through papers and the discussions over the next two days, and then begin to deliberate on policy issues which we will subsequently take through the cabinet process.

Minister Gigaba added that we will then come back with a draft green paper which you will test with yourselves and many other stakeholders.



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