Friday, June 19, 2015

R2K to protest against JMPD’s anti-protest polices

Jaimie-faith Poonah
19 June 2015

Today Right 2 Know Gauteng has planned a protest at the Johannesburg Metro Police Department, to demand that JMPD stops undermining the right to protest.

This comes as a response to JMPD’s demand that people who want to protest, must pay a R140 “administration” fee and meet a checklist of requirements.

R2K Gauteng organizer Bongani Xezwi said the police have stopped us from coming to their offices to protest against their checklist, saying we are trying to embarrass them.

Xezwi added that as the R2K we are going ahead with the protest where we are going to divide ourselves into two groups of 15, 100 meters away from each other, which is our right to do so.

“We are going ahead in addressing the concerns, they should scrap the checklist that denies us our right to protest. As R2K we are saying the police are trying very hard to prevent communities and all of us from protesting.” Xezwi concluded.



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