Thursday, February 18, 2016

ANC WC says Zille must apolgise to Cape Times

Siphelo Bayana
18 February 2016

The African National Congress in a statement says Demacratic Alliance Premier Hellen Zille owes an apology to the Cape Times, its reported Quinton Mtyala and other titles of the same Indepent newspaper group she criticised for referring to her hiring of an undercover operative as Zille’s spy.

Khaya Gaxa said…“Zille was very vocal against even the coverage that was done in the independence around despite other issues.

Now that it came to this conclusion by the outcome of this investigation by the ambushment, she was supose to say have come clean and said something and put us to light.

Even if it means that she withdraws all the negative responses she has uttered during that time, or resign as a leader of government here as a Premier.”



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