Friday, January 12, 2007

Missing boy's body found floating on Strandfontein beach

By Odette Ismail
12 January 2007

The Local Department of Community Safety has confirmed that the body of the youth who went missing off Strandfontein beach has washed ashore, with a bite wound to his one leg.

Jenovian Godwin’s body was found floating 500 metres away from the National Sea Rescue Institute base. This was where the 13-year-old was last seen swimming with his brother and two friends on Sunday.

It is believed that a shark might have bitten Godwin on his leg. According to reports his parents were told that their son’s body had been recovered.

During beach patrols yesterday morning a boy pointed out that he had seen a body floating in the water. Volunteers searched the area again and a few hours later his body washed up.

Police spokesperson Alfonso Benjamin, says Roseline and Cyril Goodwin identified their son by a sock he was wearing on one of his feet.


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