Monday, January 15, 2007

Ravensmead love affair leaves two people dead

By Odette Ismail
15 January 2007

A tragic scene unfolded in Ravensmead on Saturday evening, which saw a young man shoot dead his lover before turning the gun on himself.

Inspector Trevor Williams from the Ravensmead police says George Fortuin aged 22, shot his girlfriend of the same age Lynette Prince at 19H15 on Saturday at 9 Dorothy Court, Ravensmead.

Fortuin allegedly used a stolen firearm and fired two shots, killing first his girlfriend and then shooting himself in the head. She died instantly and he died an hour later in Tygerberg Hospital.

It is believed that Prince had written a letter to end things between her and Fortuin, but he could not deal with the break-up. The couple do not have any children, but it is believed that Prince allegedly aborted the child she was carrying, who was allegedly fathered by Fortuin. According to police, it was this abortion that sparked the tragedy.

An inquest docket has been opened.


At Wednesday, 17 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there was no abortion and i want you to say this over the radio im here cousin from australia rafael


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