Monday, September 17, 2007

COSATU plans strike against provincial government

By Marthe van der Wolf
17 September 2007

The Congress of South African Trade Unions is planning to protest against the Provincial Government for their decisions to introduce a fuel levyiIn the Western Cape.

The fuel levy amounts to a 2,5% increase of the existing rate that inflation had increased since February 2006.

Especially the poor will be hit the hardest as the increase in inflation on petrol translates into food and public transport that will become more expensive. The increase would be on top of the increases of maize, bread, milk, meat and transport. In the near future, electricity will be more expensive as well, COSATU says.

The money gained from the levy, would be used to finance roads and tourism projects. COSATU says the levy is against the wishes of society.

In the past five years, the poverty and inequality levels of poorer communities in the Western Cape have grown. COSATU says that the government should consider taxes that would let the wealthier communities pay more taxes.

Trade Union Federation COSATU, held a meeting on Sunday. They will be mobilising for the strike action against the Western Cape Government.


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