Monday, September 17, 2007

UDM: ‘ANC/SABC no better than NP/SABC

By Marthe van der Wolf
17 September 2007

United Democratic Movement Member of Parliament Bantu Holomisa, is calling for the whole SABC Board selection to be scrapped as the ANC Headquarters are enforcing a Parliamentary Caucus decision to pick their preferred candidates for the SABC board.

"What should be a public broadcaster has for several years now been systematically steered back onto the path of state broadcaster and ruling party mouthpiece. This is a direct and undeniable threat to democracy because of the wide and powerful reach of SABC media platforms," says Bantu Holomisa.

The UDM says it wants the process to be scrapped so they can start afresh again. The Constitution demands that the Parliament chooses the SABC Board as the legitimate representatives of the people.

"One can only assume that it is the faction that is currently in power in the ANC who are desperately trying to cling to that power and hence engaging in these outrageous manoeuvres," says Holomisa.


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