Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fishing boat captain stabbed

By Rhodé Marshall
16 September 2007

On Saturday morning a request for medical assistance was sent to the South African Airforce and the National Sea Rescue Institute from the fishing boat Wulan.

It is believed that the captain of the Taiwanese ship was suffering from neck and head stab wounds after allegedly being stabbed by a fellow crewman.

“The vessel was in deep ocean at the time and was requested to sail closer towards Durban.

“On arrival on the scene, the patient was found conscious and already bandaged by his fellow crew, but he was in shock. He was stabilised on board the vessel before being hoisted into the helicopter,” says NSRI Durban Station Commander, Paul Bevis.

Bevis added that due to communication barriers the captain’s name and age could not be determined.


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