Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Treatment Action Campaign asks for a judicial investigation

By Koshilan Ohlson and Marthe van der Wolf
26 September 2007

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) is asking for a judicial investigation in to the alleged promotion and sales of the untested and unregistered Anti Retorol Viral, Virodene.

The investigation should be about the involvement in the sales of the Presidency and the Health Minister, the involvement of private and public companies as well as legal steps which has to be taken against officials of the South African government, private citizens and organisations.

The TAC says there is evidence that illegal and unethical experiments were conducted on people in Tanzania living with HIV/AIDS, with a toxic and unregistered substance named Virodene.

"It is so toxic, it damages the liver and it is best used for the cleaning of permanent marks," says TAC leader Zackie Achmat.

"The last ten years there has almost been free reign of the medicine laws being broken and people being allowed to sell anything they wish for a cure for any illness whether it’s diabetes, whether it’s obesity and whether it’s whatever. They have been allowed to sell cures for these things without there being any tests," Achmat said, addressing a gathering in the Cape Town CBD on Wednesday.


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