Sunday, June 07, 2015

4 injured after collision in Western Cape

Jaimie-faith Poonah
07 June 2015

Four people were transported to hospital after sustaining injuries in a collision on Klipheuwel Road in the Western Cape yesterday.

ER 24 paramedics, Fire and Rescue Services and Metro Rescue arrived on scene and found that 14 people were involved in the collision between a bakkie and car.

ER’s spokeswoman Chitra Bodasing said when paramedics arrived on the scene they assessed the patients.

Bodasing said four had sustained minor injuries. They were transported to Mediclinic Cape Gate for further medical care.

Meanwhile another incident in the Western Cape occurred yesterday when a pedestrian believed to be in his early 20’s, was killed after being knocked on the N2 heading towards the Cape Town Vanguard turnoff.

Chitra Bodasing for ER24 said ER24 and paramedics, Metro as well as other services arrived on scene and found the man on the outbound lane.

Bodasing added that it is understood the man was flung between 15 to 20 metres away from where the car had hit him.

“The man was assessed and it was found that he had sustained multiple severe injuries. Unfortunately there was nothing paramedics could do for him. He was declared dead.” Bodasing concluded.

The exact cause of the incidents is unknown and will remain the subjects of  police investigation's.



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