Friday, June 05, 2015

Shiloh Academy struggling to hold on from being evicted

Loyiso Langeni
05 June 2015

The Shiloh Education and Training Academy in Woodstock claims that the Department of Public Works in the Western Cape only gave them one month eviction notice, which came to an end on the 1st of June.

The Academy’s CEO Merle Ravells said the department is evicting them because they want to lease the building to another department.

“At the time when I had made enquiries they said that they were going through a bit of metamorphosis because the Ministry of Public Woks was in the middle of some change.

 have not heard anything from them since. I would have signed this last week, if I was able to, but they have not ever come with an agreement. However they keep saying I refuse to sign it. It would be silly of me to want a lease and not want to sign something, it doesn’t make sense,” Ravells added. 

However the Department of Public Works has responded by stating that Shiloh is occupying the building illegally without a proper lease agreement, a situation that was created by the previous administration.

The department continued to say in a statement that Shiloh was offered a 30 day extension following the lapsing of the eviction period, an offer which they have yet to respond to.




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