Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A new hijacking scam in Cape Town

Lusanda Bill
30 November 2010

Police in Cape Town have revealed that there is a new scam and are warning motorists to be careful.

Police spokesperson Godfrey Tawana said, “They create a body like a doll and throw it on the road with the intention that if someone stops, they can be robbed or hijacked.”

What the criminals do is they will place the life-size doll on the road to make the motorist think someone has been knocked down, and when motorist slow down to try and help the criminals attack you.

So far a resident who lives in Strand was victim of the scam but luckily she managed to get away, without being hurt.


At Monday, 24 November, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night at about 8, I was driving home and just after the blouberg turn-off between Durbnaville and Bothasig, I saw an woman alone next to a car standing on the side of the road. Usually I wouldn't stop, but I felt sorry for her in the middle of nowhere and I stopped. She told me that her car had broken and she needed R280 for a tow truck. She said she will transfer the money to my account.

I was really silly and gave her the money. It was a scam. I feel really stupid for getting caught, but want other people to know so that they do not fall in the same trap.

The details of the person is: Small blue or black car. I think the woman is in her early thirties, but she looks really weathered and closer to 50. I noticed that she had a taser on her. When I drove away, I also saw that there was a man in the car ...very short hair ... he must have been hiding. I googled the scam when I got home and apparently that is how these people operate ... there are always 2 of them and they take turns sleeping and scamming.

When I told my friends it seems that many of them knew about this couple operating in Blouberg/Bothasig/Durbanville area.


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