Saturday, March 30, 2013

WIVP condemns the presence of the SANDF in CAR

Athenkosi Mvane
30 March 2013

The Workers International Vanguard Party condemns the continued presence of South African troops in the Central African Republic.

It has come to light that in the lead up to the clashes that took place last weekend, which the SA armed forces were low on ammunition and did not have enough food.

They believe that the army is being used misused, whilst the soldiers have a right to object against these illegal orders of being deployed to the CAR.

WIVP Spokesperson Shaheed Mahomed said that the troops are not protecting the people of the CAR, but are protecting American company installations.

“They are protecting empowerment companies like Sasol and Shanduka where the Zuma family and Cyril Ramaphosa have shares, this is how the army is being misused in the CAR” Mahomed added.



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