Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sanctuary for Families- Women alone cannot combat domestic violence

Andile Mbanjwa

20 May 2014


The combat of domestic violence against women can only be achieved through the participation of active men.

This is according to a clinical director of a domestic violence organisation based in New York called Sanctuary for Families, Dr Beth Silverman-Yam. Silverman-Yam was speaking at a panel discussion hosted by the Saartjie Baartman Centre in Athlone.


The discussion is part of Gibney Dance, a New York based dance team to host a number of workshops and training sessions aimed at helping women who are survivors of domestic violence at the centre, to explore common issues, address group dynamics and learn movement techniques for empowerment and healing.


Siverman-Yam says women alone cannot fight domestic violence. She has appealed to all men to be at the forefront and be vocal in combating domestic violence against women.


“All the problems of domestic violence and the abuse of women will not only be solved by women alone. Although their voices and their strengths are clearly important we need just as much for men, non-abuse of men to become non-violent warriors and to raise their voices and to say this is not right the way you treating women and to be role models for how all children should be raised.


“So there is collective action that is needed by all of us, and men need to be part of that process,” Silverman-Yam said.   



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