Monday, June 01, 2015

Cope says Nkandla scandal will hurt economy

Loyiso Langeni
01 June 2015

The Congress of the People recognises that the ham-handed way in which the Minister of Police handled the Nkandla Report is going to be a very poor advertisement for South Africa, with the World Economic Forum starting today.

COPE spokesperson Dennis Bloem believes that investors will certainly talk about this report among themselves and conclude that the ruling party is not seriously committed to the rule of law. Bloem added that, the Nkandla scandal is a runaway cancer in the very blood of our democracy.

The Congress of the People are very much concerned about the World Economic Forum that is taking place today in Cape Town.

“We don’t know what the ruling party think about the damage that this Nkandla report has done to this country. We are not sure if they realised that this thing will impact very negatively onto the economy of the country.” Bloem said.



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