Thursday, June 04, 2015

Unions demand 7% wage increase or nothing

Mbasa Gqokoma
04 June 2015

The Public Service Unions are demanding the implementation of the 7% wage increase or there is no agreement.

Last month government and the public sector unions reached an agreement of 7% but government wants to implement a 6.4% wage hike, explaining that it paid 6% extra during the last deal.

The unions said failure to implement the 7% agreement will leave labour with no option but to withdraw from the entire agreement.

The unions Basil Manuel says as unions we are very unhappy, in fact, we are happy with what we see as a deliberate ploy by the employer to deceive us, mislead us and when they had known all along they want to pull the stunt.

“As unions we are adamant that we signed an agreement for a 7% and we are not going to accept anything less than the 7%.

Our members will feel that we deceived them, and we will not do that, we have been deceived by the employer who is now quoting from an agreement that has lapsed already," Manuel added.



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