Friday, August 31, 2007

SABS warn consumers about Ampax electrical adapters

By Rhodé Marshall
31 August 2007

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has send out warnings to consumers not to buy Ampax electrical adapters as they can cause fatal electrical shock and fires.

“After we did some tests in our laboratories, we found that these electrical adapters failed to comply with the safety, health and environmental requirements of the regulation,” says SABS Executive Director, Moses Moeletsi. Pic: Supplied by SABS

He says during the tests it was found that a continues use of the adapters might cause fires, electrical shock and damage household goods which will ultimately put people’s lives at risk.

"Further test results found that pin plugs are deformed, raising questions of the strength of the moulding material," he said.

Subsequent to this, the SABS issued a Legal Directive to Ampax Electrical to keep their stock on their premises until further notice,” says Moeletsi.

He adds that the company then violated the order and went ahead to sell the product. Therefore the products entered the market illegally.
However, Head of Management of Ampax Electrical, Frank Jew says sales of the product only happened because of a misunderstanding between himself and his sales department.

“When the SABS came back the second time they ask why the products were being sold. But we have no intention of hurting anybody out there, no intention of causing any fires it was merely a misunderstanding,” says Jew.

He says those that do have the products are welcome to return it and they will be refunded.

“We have no intention of even starting a fight with the SABS, although we do feel their testing was a bit unfair to the product,” says Jew.

The SABS says they have taken the necessary legal steps against the supplier and consumers who are in possession of the adapters should return them to where they were bought or report it to consumer bodies.


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