Wednesday, August 29, 2007

COSATU- Stadium strike suspended until Friday

By Celeste Ganga
29 August 2007

The entire building site at Green Point Stadium came to a halt on Tuesday, as all the workers went on strike due to the alleged exploitation of workers by the site management.

“The strike had been un-procedural and had been underway for the last two days, but the demands are absolutely legitimate in terms of the ethics and values of the new South Africa, “says COSATU spokesperson, Tony Ehrenreich.

The COSATU, NUM, BICAWU interventions had secured the return to work by employees in order to comply with the legalities that were not covered by the wildcat strike.

“The legalities will now be complied with and should the companies not comply with the legitimate demands of workers, by Thursday, a legal strike will lead to the closure of the stadium on Friday, “says Ehrenreich.

COSATU has called on the government and the company management at Murray and Roberts and WHBO, to urgently negotiate a resolution with the unions on the site.

“The shutting down of the plant represents a victory for the workers who will ensure that the beneficiaries of the 2010 include workers and the working class, “says Ehrenreich.

Murray and Roberts was not available for comment.


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