Monday, February 25, 2008

Uys urges the province's residents to live healthy

By Anele Siwa
25 February 2008

The Western Cape Department of Health today hosted an open day in Delft to promote healthy lifestyles among South Africans.

“The goal of the Healthy Lifestyle Day is to encourage health and well-being between individuals,” says Pierre Uys, MEC for Health in the Western Cape.

According to Uys, the occurrence of non-communicable infections is more pronounced in the Western Cape than in other provinces and has higher levels of risky behaviour leading to these infections.

"Among youth in particular these factors correlate and overlap with other risk behaviours currently identified as reaching critical proportions in the province, specially substance abuse, crime and inter-personnel violence," the MEC says.

Uys says these non-communicable infections should no longer be taken as a problem confined to the cities and affluent segments of the society.

“These diseases are clearly emerging as major public health challenges in rural areas as well,” he added.


At Monday, 25 February, 2008, Blogger Geezer Power said...


The name of your radio station certainly got my attention...hahahaha

Since the topic here is Live Healthy, I would like to mention that we are what we eat. So...plant your own garden, use your own seed, especially any that you can get from your grandparents. Use a lot of natural compost instead of artificial fertalizers and avoid herbacides like the plague....


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