Friday, May 30, 2008

Cape Town approves an average 20% hike in electricity price

By Tina George
30 May 2008

The City of Cape Town has on Wednesday approved an average 20 percent increase in its electricity tariff, based on the National Energy Regulator’s approval of Eskom’s price hikes in December 2007.

Spokesperson Ian Neilson says the Council also passed a 7,3% increase in property rates. In addition, water tariffs will go up by just more than nine percent as of the first of July.

“Solid waste tariffs go up by 7,3% and sewerage tariffs by 6%. All existing free services, subsidies and rebates for persons registered as indigent remain in place,” says Neilson.

However Neilson adds that this might not be the last increase as the city awaits NERSA to makes it’s decision concerning Eskom’s increases.

“Once those decisions are made it may be necessary for us to view those tariffs again.”


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