Friday, June 12, 2015

Cabinet gives thumbs up for the new visa regulations

Mbasa Gqokoma
12 June 2015

Cabinet has reaffirmed its support for the new Immigration Regulations. The visa regulations have been met with criticism from various stakeholders especially regarding the unabridged birth certificate.

The department believes the regulations will minimize the vulnerability of children travelling in and out of the country.

A Ministerial task team has been setup to deal with the issues stakeholders have in terms of the new travel regulations.

The departments Mayihlome Tshwete says Minister Malusi Gigaba has been tasked with the responsibility of spearheading a group of ministers who will monitor any challenges and make whatever administration changes to the visa regulations to make sure that they are more efficiently applied.

As it stands, government is 100% behind the regulation.

Tshwete added that “we will continue speaking to stakeholders specifically about compliance and assist in informing them about the contingency in the new regulations”.

“Members of the public are better informed as to what is required for them to leave the country and what is required for people travelling into the country with minors” Tshwete added. 



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