Thursday, November 05, 2015

DA Federal Chair approached ConCourt regarding Powers, Privilages & Immunities of Parliament

Mbasa Gqokoma
05 November 2015

The Chairperson of the Democratic Alliance’s Federal Executive, James Selfe has approached the Constitutional Court with the legal counsel today, who will be making oral presentations in the confirmation application brought by the DA to confirm the unconstitutionality of section 11 of the Powers, Privilages and Immunities of Parliament act as ordered by the Western Cape High Court in May this year.

DA spokesperson Samkelo Mgobozi says The section allows the police, on the instruction of the presiding officer, to remove people from the precinct of Parliament and to arrest them.

In the alternative, the DA is asking the court for a ruling declaring that section 11 does not apply to members.

He says, “While it is not desirable to rely on the Courts to make a rulings on the works of Parliament, the extraordinary events that characterised the State of the Nations Address earlier this year compelling the party to approach the Court in this matter.”

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