Friday, May 02, 2014

ACDP welcomes R274 million for the clean up of the City of Cape Town

Oscar Thomas
01 May 2014

The African Christian Democratic Party in the Western Cape has welcomed the budgeted R274 million that the City of Cape Town budgeted for the clean-up of the mess citizens will create.

ACDP Provincial Leader Ferlon Christians has called on Mayoral Committee Member for Utilities Ernest Sonnenberg to be transparent and account to the public on who the city contracted for this task.

Ferlon Christians said we had a problem in the past where people just randomly dump waste. There’s a problem with medical waste and children being killed in the process.

Ferlon Christians said we welcome this but we also ask the government to also give those jobs to the people that need it most,a door to door campaign.

"We would also like to know who is the contractor so that the government is transparent and provides jobs for the people that need it the most Christians added.



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