17 year old faces murder charge after fatal school yard stabbing

By Kim Saulse
25 May 2010

A 17 year old Phoenix High School pupil, faces a charge of murder after he was arrested for the fatal stabbing of a class mate early this morning.

It is alleged the suspect had stabbed the victim in the arm and chest after an argument between the two turned violent.

The deceased died due to the severity of the injuries sustained.

The suspect fled the scene, but was later arrested at his home.

The police’s Andre Traut raised concern over violence on school grounds and urged learners to resolve disputes in a peaceful manner.

“SAPS would like to warn young learners to resolve their difference in an amicable fashion, as the consequences of serious crimes such as murder not only terminates the life of the victim, but can also ruin the life of the offender,” said Traut.

Meanwhile, Provincial MEC for Education in the Western Cape Donald Grant, has condemned the murder.

Grant said initial reports revealed the incident is gang related.

“We will not tolerate schools being used as gang battlefields,” said Grant.

He added that “despite all the measures taken by the Department and the Safe Schools Programme, a safe learning environment would be never be achieved if the learners themselves do not take on responsibility for managing their conflict in a non violent manner”.