Denosa defends nurses in Gauteng

By Ofentse Mokae
22 May 2010

Following the deaths of 17 babies at two Gauteng Hospitals in the week, the Democratic Nursing Organisation has defended its nurses working at these hospitals.

Denosa says while it sympathises with families who have lost their babies, it takes strong exception at the depiction of nurses as murderers.

The organisation accuses the media of unfairly blaming nurses for the deaths of the infants.

“It cannot be correct for some sectors of the media to convict nurses while the Gauteng Provincial Department of Health and Social Development has pronounced that it will be investigating these cases,” said Debbie Raphuti Gauteng secretary for the organisation.

Raphuti strongly pointed out to a lack of resources and staff shortage that is hampering care.

“Therefore government needs to interrogate the entire health system and urgently deal with these challenges to avoid the recurrence of such throbbing incidents,” Raphuti added.

Meanwhile Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu said every cent of this year’s budget would be used to address challenges in the health care system.

Mahlangu tabled a R22.2 billion budget yesterday afternoon at the provincial legislature aimed at improving the quality of services by reducing long queues at clinics, training more staff and improving cleanliness at hospitals.

But the Democratic Alliance’s Jack Bloom pointed out that the budget fell short of about R4.3 billion to really improve services.


Anonymous said…
"Raphuti strongly pointed out to a lack of resources and staff shortage that is hampering care."

I definitely agree with Mr. Raphuti that resources and enough nursing staff is a great aspect of care to patients. It is not just about the negligence of men and women in medical uniforms but also the gadgets and instruments used, the hospital itself and the completeness of health care staffs that can contribute to the high well being of a patient. However we can't deny the fact that these nurses have also their own contributions. The hospital admin must make a move about this if they want an issue free atmosphere in Gauteng.

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