Positive COVID-19 taxi driver faces attempted murder charges

A 35-year-old taxi driver is facing attempted murder charges after he was stopped in a vehicle checkpoint on the R61 in Beaufort West on Thursday, transporting about seven passengers. The taxi was enroute to the Eastern Cape. The driver, who had apparently tested positive for the virus after taking a test on 30 April 2020 on the N2 Tsitsikamma roadblock in the Eastern Cape, was duly informed on Wednesday by the testing authority, of the outcome of the test.
Police spokesperson, Novela Potelwa said the driver, seven passengers and three other persons in an accompanying vehicle were transported by police and traffic officials back to Cape Town where they are in a quarantine site.
Potelwa added that the police and traffic officials who escorted the driver and passengers back to Cape Town would undergo the necessary monitoring in line with COVID-19 protocols, as a precaution.
She said the police would ensure the driver is charged and appears before a court of law after consultation with the department of health officials.
Potelwa pleaded with citizens to respect the rules of the law, warning that police officials will track those who break the law and ensure they are brought to book.

Done By: Mitchum George