Singabalapha granted interim interdict for prevention of harassment and removal

A group of people occupying a pavement outside the old age home, Arcadia Place in Observatory, were given fines of R300 & R1000 by Law Enforcement Officers on Wednesday. This comes after they contravened the City's by-laws by having their camps illegally set up on the pavement.
There are 21 tents and shacks, with over 60 occupants including children, women, and elderly people
The group, known as Singabalapha (We Belong Here), occupied the space in September 2019. The home is earmarked for demolition so an upgraded facility can be built in its place.
The City of Cape Town says they attempted to resolve the situation by ‘’affording the occupants an opportunity to remove their belongings and clear the sidewalk, but to no avail.’’
Law Enforcement officers arrested a man who was taken to Woodstock Police Station where he was given an ultimatum that he would be charged and locked up if he did not sign the by-law fines notice. He was eventually released when he signed the notice. Officers also issued 21 fines in terms of the ‘Streets and Public Places By-law’.
Meanwhile, the Cape High Court granted an interim interdict to the Singabalapha Informal Settlement by preventing the City of harassing the occupants and also by not removing the squatters.
The application for a permanent interdict will be held on 3 June 2020.

Done By: Mitchum George