Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Council offers relief to low-income ratepayers

By Henry Booysen
19 June 2007

The City of Cape Town is urging pensioners, people with disabilities and home owners struggling to afford basic services to register for additional support.

  • Applicants qualify for the support on the following grounds:
  • Total household income should not exceed R1740;
  • The applicant must own the property, and not have more than one;
  • Must be the full-time occupant of the property;
  • Must agree to pay their monthly accounts and an additional amount towards their arrears

    Those earning between R1740 and R5000 may apply for a rates rebate, depending on their monthly household income.

    All households will receive 6000 litres of water free each month. Households using less than 400kWh of electricity per month over an average of 12 months will receive 50kWh free each month.

    “No restriction, disconnections and/or legal steps will be taken against any debtor who has registered as indigent and who sticks to the arrangements,’ the city’s Debt Manager Trevor Blake said

    For more information on the indigent support contact your nearest customer care contact centre or Housing Office or phone 086 010 3089.


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