Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Support plan set to help pupils affected by strike

By Chanel September
19 June 2007

A support programme which intends help thousands of pupils in the Western Cape has been put in place by the education department for the 109 schools worst affected by the teachers strike.

The support plan aims to help those pupils who have missed out on school lessons due to the two week teachers strike.

The programme includes support classes, study groups and using community newspapers as a way of providing learners with exemplars.

“We didn’t foresee that the strike would last this long, things are getting a little prolonged and as a way of assisting our learners the plan has been put in place”, says education spokesperson Gert Witbooi.

However the plan does not include the writing of exams while teachers are on strike as the department maintains that they are unable to conduct examinations at some schools in the province since June 1.

“Once the strike is over our district officials and curriculum advisors will meet with the principals of all the schools. Many schools have been writing since today”, says Witbooi.

He added that once the strike is over the department will work with the schools to ensure that learners are not unfairly disadvantaged.


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