Thursday, July 19, 2007

'N2 Gateway tenants need not march' says Sisulu

By Anele Siwa
19 July 2007

In response to the memorandum handed over by the N2 Gateway residents on Tuesday, Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu says, the residents living in rental units must take responsibility for their monthly payments.

The memorandum was handed to the ministry by a group of 200 residents, who marched to the gates of Parliament in Cape Town, protesting against the high rents for what they call is “the poor service”.

“Those tenants who were now complaining about the high rent may have deliberately misled the government to jump the housing queue,” says Sisulu.

The ministry has given residents three options: those earning less than R3000 qualified for free houses, those who could afford rent could opt for subsidized rentals and those wanting get a bond would get subsidized credits.

Other problems experienced by the tenants are huge cracks in the walls and leaking roofs.

Sisulu added that a great effort was extended ensuring decent living conditions, security and an environmentally friendly environment.


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