Monday, April 20, 2015

COPE says President Zuma a bad example to citizens

Jaimie-faith Poonah 20 April 2015

The Congress of the People says that under President Zuma, because of his own unwarranted legal position and constant fending off criminal charges, consequences of illegal action have evaporated.

Party leader Mosiuoa Lekota says for once the criminal justice system should show that the wheels of justice are capable of turning.

Lekota added that President Zuma clearly, is tired and has no passion for rule of law and constitutionality.

He added that under Zuma’s leadership, law and order broke down.

Lekota said it is a view of the Congress of the People that because leaders of our government break the law as they please, citizens are increasingly taking the approach that it is open season for anybody to break the law as they choose, following the examples of leadership, government.

Lekota said government, starting with our president break the law and nothing is done, no action, no condemnation and now the citizens have been lead to believe that they can do as they please.



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