Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Ministry of State Security responds to R2K allegations

Jaimie-faith Poonah
29 April 2015

The Ministry of State Security has responded to allegations made by the Right2Know campaign regarding monitoring and harassment.

R2K released a report on Tuesday titled “Big Brother Exposed” in which it documents the stories of activists and community leaders who have been monitored and harassed by South Africa’s intelligence agencies, especially the State Security Agency and the Crime Intelligence Division of the police.

Ministry of State Security’s Brian Dube said they wish to reaffirm that the constitution is supreme in this country and that they do have various institutions which people can approach if they feel that their rights have been violated.

Dube said with regard we would like advise R2K to approach the office of the Inspector General so that the matter can be probed and they can submit their complaints and evidence there.

“Lastly we wish to indicate that the minister is committed to meeting everybody, stakeholders and his door remains open.” Dube concluded.



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