Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Taxi accident left 20 injured in Cape Town

Loyiso Langeni
29 April 2015

An accident this morning involving a taxi between Vanguard Drive and Govan Mbeki Road in the Western Cape left twenty-people injured.

It is believed that the taxi collided with a pedestrian causing the taxi to roll.

ER24 Spokesperson Russel Meiring said ER24 paramedics, along with Life healthcare and Metro services, arrived on the scene and found the taxi lying on its roof on the side of the road. A centre medium barrier next to the taxi had been ripped from its foundations and lay on the side of the road.

Meiring added that on assessment of the scene, paramedics discovered that 19 people were travelling in the taxi when the collision occurred. At least five of the occupants had been ejected from the vehicle when it overturned.

“Three patients, a man and two woman, lay next to the taxi in a critical condition while seventeen others were scattered around the scene, their injuries ranging from minor to moderate. One of the critically injured patients was a pedestrian the taxi had collided with. The pedestrian was found to have sustained serious injuries to her legs, waist and chest.” Meiring said .

 The exact details to the cause of the accident will remain the subject of a police investigation.



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