Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DENOSA: xenophobic attacks have negative impact on health facilities in the country

Mbasa Gqokoma
21 April 2015

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa said the recent xenophobic attacks in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng is having a negative impact on health facilities in the country.

In a statement Denosa has emphasised that the longer these attacks go on the negative impact on the health in Gauteng include longer queues, severe shortage of medication and equipment, prolonged waiting hours and shortage of health workers and loss of lives.

Denosa President Simon Hlungwani says “we as the country cannot and we are obligated to provide these health care to everyone who seeks emergency care and it will deplete the scarce resources that we have.

Hlungwani said we are asking everyone to just appeal with them that they must try not to exacerbate the current situation.

"We are appealing as well to community leaders, political leaders, traditional leaders and everyone to try and calm the situation, provide leadership to ensure that we do not see any further bloodshed due to these attacks of xenophobia”, Hlungwani added.



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