Thursday, April 16, 2015

President Zuma has called for the xenophobic attacks to stop

Lusanda Bill
16 April 2015

President Jacob Zuma today addressed the nation in Parliament on the recent xenophobic attacks in KwaZulu Natal which he has described as shocking and unacceptable.

Over 74 people have been arrested and five people have died in the xenophobic attacks in KwaZulu Natal which has now spread to Gauteng.

President Zuma said no amount of frustration and anger can justify the attack on foreign-nationals and looting of their shops. He applied for calm and an end to the violence.

He said there are several issues that have been raised during these attacks which government is aware of and sympathetic to include illegal and undocumented immigrants in the country, the increase of shops or small businesses that are taking over communities and that foreign-nationals in the country commit or are perpetrators of crime.

President Zuma clarified that it is misleading and wrong to label all foreign-nationals as criminals and that not all of them are in the country illegally. He said many of the foreign-nationals bring scarce skills that help develop the economy.

While addressing the nation President Zuma said South Africans are generally not xenophobic if they were the country would not have such a high number of foreign-nationals who have successfully integrated so well in our communities for so many years.

The Department of Home Affairs is working towards boosting capacity in order to be able to deal with immigration issues in the country. Government has also deployed 350 South African National Defence Force troops to assist on the boarder lines.

President Jacob Zuma said any problems or issues of concerns to South Africans must be resolved peaceful and through dialogue. 



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