Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MEC Plato reveals that safety a concern for people in the Western Cape

Jaime-Faith Poonah
14 April 2015

Western Cape MEC of Community Safety Dan Plato says it remains clear that safety is everyone’s concern and responsibility.

This as today he gave a report back on the Policing Needs and Priority process that he embarked on in 2014/2015.

Through this process the department was able to identify the priority crimes in the province which are murder, burglary at residential property and drug related crimes.

MEC Plato said the main cause motivator and opportunity for crime to occur are identified respectively as substance abuse, poverty and inadequate police visibility.

“The report identifies a number of policing problems such as the lack of police resources and the problems caused by illegal outlets liquor outlets including an increase in violent crimes. However there are also other non-policing factors that have been identified such as poor street lighting.” Plato added

Meanwhile some of the critical recommendation in the report include the police improving their visibility as a deterrent to crime on the streets. MEC Plato said the report has also been distributed to the various policing precincts to better inform the service delivery of the SAPS in all communities.

MEC Plato explains some of the key results on respondent’s safety, and respondent’s reactions to crime.

He also said that almost a quarter 23.9% of respondents did not report crimes when they fell victim. Possible reasons are the lack confidence in police, fear of reprisal or dislike of the police.

“Additional police vehicles 20.05% offices 19.6% and infrastructure together with the re-establishment of specialised units are the biggest Policing Needs to promote the professional policing.” Plato added.




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