Friday, December 21, 2007

Cape Town International Airport reaches exponental growth.

By Henry Booysen
21 December 2007

Cape Town international Airport made the record books on Wednesday when they passed the 8 million passenger mark.

For 2007 alone CTIA had a record passenger growth totalling 819.496 rising a staggering 17% from 2006. Communications manager at CTIA Deidre Hendricks says that the numbers mean that on average approximately 25 000 passengers move through the airport on a daily basis.

“All these people come to the airport in approximately 18 000 vehicles daily. Cape Town International Airport has never been busier,” says Hendricks.

The airport is undergoing massive construction due to the building of the airports second multi-second storey car park, has caused a lot of inconvenience to users, but nonetheless the passenger mark is still increasing.

CTIA also appeals to passengers to bear with the construction activities and the growth rate accelerating being experienced.


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