Saturday, July 04, 2015

COPE calls on the government to address the water shortage situation

Jaimie-faith Poonah
04 July 2015

The Congress of the People is urging government to prepare a coordinated plan urgently to meet the worsening water situation in our country as well as the crisis developing in Southern Malawi and North and Central Mozambique because of extensive flooding in those areas earlier this year.

South Africa is also experiencing a growing water crisis of its own.

Dennis Bloem COPE’s spokesperson said COPE is very concerned about the water shortage and drought that is taking place not only in South Africa but in the whole continent.

We are saying that the government must really do something, call an urgent SADC meeting, to discuss this problem.” Bloem said.

Bloem added that we are already seeing problems in the KwaZulu Natal area.

Bloem said we must address it very urgently otherwise we are going to sit with a very serious problem.



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