Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bogus police robs family

By Marthe van der Wolf
22 November 2007

An armed robbery occurred in Strand on Monday night by what seems to be bogus police. Four men entered the house at Barracudastreet.

"The complainant, a 31 year old woman, was at home with her husband, mother and 10 year-old daughter," says police spokesperson Inspector Bernadine Steyn.

Two of the suspects, dressed in to what seemed to be police-issue uniforms and two wearing civilian clothing, held the family at gunpoint when they allegedly robbed them of money and valuables of about R40 000.

One of the suspects allegedly stabbed the young husband with a knife. He was released after receiving medical attention.

The suspects fled in a white Volkswagen Polo.

Anyone with information can contact officer Lionel Farmer at 021 854 9144.


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