Friday, November 23, 2007

City to target number plate transgressors

By Tina George
23 November 2007

The City of Cape Town Traffic Services says that some motorists are deliberately removing number plates from their vehicles specifically when it comes to automated traffic law enforcement.

“What we also find is that number plates are obscured by towbars and this could be a deliberate attempt by motorists to prevent prosecution,” says Traffic spokesperson Searle Johannes.

They ask members of the public to please relook at the situation with the placing, whether they have a number plate at the back and front and also look at the legality of that number plate.

The colours that motorists should have on their number plates are either a white or yellow background with black letters and numbering.
“Any motorists found not adhering to the regulations will face prosecution,” says Mayoral Committee member for Safety and Security, Dumisani Ximbi

Fines range from R300 for non-compliant number plates to R500 for vehicles without number plates.


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