Friday, November 30, 2007

Festive season brings on unsafe roads

By Tina George
30 November 2007

During the festive season roads are busier than usual due to schools, factories and most workplaces closing for the year-end holidays.

The challenges that are normally experienced on the country's roads over the festive season and tend to push the fatality count high, include the following contributing factors:

· High speed
· Drinking and driving
· Driving when tired
· Unsafe overtaking especially on barrier lines
· Unsafe crossing of roads
· Tyre bursts
· Unsafe following distances

“It’s very important that all those using the roads this festive season take heed of this situation because we know that lower speed would saves lives, safety belts saves lives, and that when you drive sober you are likely to reach your destination,” says spokesperson for the Department of Transport, Ntau Letebele.


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