Thursday, November 29, 2007

COSATU condemns trucks as use of transporting workers

By Henry Booysen
28 November 2007

The Congress of South African Trade Unions has expressed its disgust at the revelation that 103 farm workers were being transported at the back of a truck to work yesterday morning. Spokesperson Patrick Craven says that they have been campaigning against the method of transporting as it puts many lives at stake.

They have congratulated the traffic officers who had stopped the truck and praised them for refusing to let the truck move until alternative transport had been arranged.

“As one of the traffic police said at the time, they were packed into the truck like loaves of bread and I think that is the attitude of many of the people who use this form of transport, it is illegal and it has to stop,” says Craven.

COSATU have appealed that traffic officers should have a consistent campaign to stop and inspect trucks and bakkies and impose severe penalties if found guilty.

Community Safety spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila says that the department is appalled at the way in which farmworkers are transported to places of work.

"We appeal to traffic officers to enforce strict laws to those who break the law. We are with Cosatu because these are the most vulnerable people in the country," he said.


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