Thursday, April 09, 2015

The removal of statue of Cecil John Rhodes welcomed

Lusanda Bill
09 April 2015

The Higher Education Transformation Network has welcomed the decision by the University of Cape Town’s Council to remove the statue of Cecil John Rhodes.

The Networks Executive Director Reginald Legoabe said now they will focus on policy matters at the university to make sure that transformation takes place. He added that they will await the new UCT admission policy which will be operational next year.

Legoabe said we also note that the council members did not act out of the goodness of their hearts but were forced to come to their senses after severe pressure from the student community and the various progressive role players.

“We also note that the removal of the statue goes against the wishes of other anti-transformation forces who wanted the statue to stay” Legoabe added.

Meanwhile UCT student Chumani Maxwele said the falling of the statue is a symbolic gesture but what is important is to deal with the matter of transformation.

He added that their other demands including the changing of names of buildings in the university have not been met as yet. 

Maxwele said we want Jameson hall to be changed by the end of this week and Smuts hall to be changed. We also want by the end of next year for the university to have fifty percent black South African professors. 



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