Saturday, December 29, 2012

City makes use of new all terrain emergency response vehicle

Imogen Vollenhoven
29 December 2012

The city of Cape Town has received a much needed boost during the peak festive season, the busiest time of the year on the City’s many beaches and extensive coastline.

Thanks to a solar operated, electric off road emegency response vehicle that has been made availabe by the airborne outdoor advertising.

Alderman JP Smith said it is extreamly benefitial because it is quiet and it runs on battarries so theres no emitions and no sound and it doesn’t disrupt the beach environment and the positive thing is offcourse low running costs, as the soloar panel charges itself as it goes during the day.

Smith adds that it is very useful to the law enforcement and lifesaving purposes, the lifesavers can get to points far more quickly because it has a decent top speed.

 He adds that law enforcement will be able to reach much further on their daily avtivities.



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