Wednesday, December 26, 2012

City Of Cape Town has issued a stern warning to all beach goers

Imogen Vollenhoven
26 December 2012

Thousands of people are expected to flock to beaches in Cape Town today, as temperatures are expected to peak at 34 degrees Celsius.

The Cape Town Disaster Risk Management Centre on Tuesday urged beach-goers to be responsible.

Beaches throughout the Western Cape were filled to capacity yesterday, as many soaked up the sun and enjoyed Christmas by the seaside.

 The centre's spokesperson, Wilfred Solomon-Johannes, said law enforcement authorities would be on high alert.

Wilfred Solomon-Johannes said that this year the City’s disaster management authorities and all law enforcement agencies has had a no nonsense approach and the City has already confiscated more than two thousand litres of alcohol since the beginning of December.

Solomon Johannes adds that today all members of law enforcement will be out on full force and furthermore adds that the City would like to send out a strong message to the public, the bathers and also all visitors that they City of Cape Town will not tolerate anybody that is consuming alcohol on the City’s beaches and that are rowdy.

Such persons will be charged with fines, alcohol will be confiscated and where necessary people will be arrested.



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